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Our mission is to build a foundation for holistic development through educational, social, leadership, and cultural programming for UIC students.
-Center for Student Involvement


IGNITE Leadership Experience

What is IGNITE?
The IGNITE Leadership Experience is a semester long leadership program designed to gain insight into your own personal values and leadership style. IGNITE is designed to be a springboard into involvement at UIC. It is sponsored by Center for Student Involvement and Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services.

IGNITE will help you gain insight into the values, communication, and general leadership skills necessary for positive involvement on campus. It is our hope that you will go out and live these ideals in your involvement on campus and the community.

It is the goal of the program to help you connect with people and activities on campus and in the community. These connections will assist you in developing and finding your ideal involvement during your time here and allow you to "Ignite your passion and spark a change" at UIC.

Who can be involved in IGNITE?
Any undergraduate student with an expected graduation date of spring 2017 or later can apply to be part of the program (typically freshmen and sophomore students). We are looking for students who are eager to enhance their UIC experience through extracurricular involvement and are willing to learn and grow in their personal leadership capabilities. Junior and senior undergraduate students serve as mentors for the program.

What are the requirements to participate in IGNITE?

  • Commit to each of the 9 IGNITE sessions on Monday nights from 4-6 pm starting September 29 and ending on November 24.
    • Unfortunately, due to the nature of our program, if you have a class/work/personal conflict that overlaps with our program schedule, you are not eligible to apply for the program. Please try again next year if you are able!
  • Attend the Catalyst Leadership Program from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 27.
  • Be willing to participate in a community service project during one of our sessions.
  • Be open and honest about your previous experiences and how they have shaped you as a leader.
  • Be respectful of your fellow participants.

What are other students saying?

  • "Everyone was supportive and I learned from my peers more than I thought I would"
  • "IGNITE helps you see a broader perspective, strengthens your leadership skills, and speech skills. This helped strengthen my leadership skills and definitely helped me plan my future. You guys rock!"
  • "IGNITE creates a safe environment that helps you become well rounded and informed. Helps you learn about yourself and strengthen leadership abilities."

What is the role of an IGNITE mentor?
IGNITE mentors aid in the development of participants, while continuing to grow their own leadership skills. Mentors work in pairs to facilitate discussions and personal growth in a small group of IGNITE participants. It is an expectation that mentors will share their knowledge, skills, and perspectives as leaders on campus to foster the growth of underclassmen students. In addition to the requirements of participants, mentors must attend two 2-hour training sessions in late summer / early fall. Mentors are currently enrolled UIC junior or senior undergraduate students who are leaders on campus with a passion for helping students find their place at UIC.

Can IGNITE count towards my UIC Experience certificate?
Yes! An IGNITE Theme is available as a UIC Experience certificate option and is only available to IGNITE participants and mentors. Through IGNITE, participants will automatically complete three of six required experiences and mentors will automatically complete four of six required experiences! Through involvement with IGNITE you could already be well on your way towards earning a UIC Experience Certificate. For more information on the UIC Experience, visit uicexperience.uic.edu.

How do I get involved?
Optional info sessions are scheduled on 9/10/14 from 11a-12p in Student Center East White Oak Room and on 9/11/14 from 3-4p in Daley Library Room 1-470. To apply, login using your EID and password to http://go.uic.edu/igniteapp. Applications are due September 14, 2014.

If you are seeking information about Ignite Admitted Students Day through UIC Admissions, please visit www.admissions.uic.edu/visit/ignite.

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