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Center for Student Involvement East
340 Student Center East
750 South Halsted St.,
Chicago, IL 60607

east side address


east side address


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Our mission is to build a foundation for holistic development through educational, social, leadership, and cultural programming for UIC students.
-Center for Student Involvement

The Student Activities Funding Committee

Are you a registered student organization seeking funding for a program or event? If so, make the Student Activities Funding Committee your starting point.
Each year a portion of your student fees is set aside into a fund, the Student Activities Fund. This fund is used to support activities planned by and benefiting UIC students. There are numerous activities and groups that benefit from this fund every year. Some you may be familiar with: Native American Heritage Celebration, PBGSA Science Seminars, Islamic Awareness Week, and All Campus Worship.

Q: Who deems these programs worthy of student fee money?

A: The Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) is comprised of twenty-one individuals-fourteen students and seven faculty and staff members-and overseen by an Advisor from Center for Student Involvement. The SAFC acts as an advisory to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Q: I'm interested in joining SAFC. How are members selected?

A: Membership recruitment for the Committee generally takes place during the spring semester, though occasionally a spot or two can open up at the end of the fall semester. We are always looking for students who are interested in having a say in what happens to their student fees and what programming happens on their campus! The time commitment is small-the committee meets every other Monday throughout the academic year - but the impact is HUGE. Keep an eye out for information about joining the SAFC!

If you are interested in serving on SAFC, contact the Student Activities Funding Committee at safc@uic.edu

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