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Center for Student Involvement East
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east side address


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Our mission is to build a foundation for holistic development through educational, social, leadership, and cultural programming for UIC students..
-Center for Student Involvement

Student Organization Registration Renewal

Registration renewal will be accepted April 1, 2017 – May 15, 2017: This period is for existing organizations that have previously been registered. This registration allows organizations to be active between August 2017 and May 2018.

One officer of your organization must attend one of the mandatory Student Organization Renewal Workshops to help your organization change over executive boards smoothly. Workshops and registration renewal should be completed by incoming officers, not outgoing officers. These workshops are for currently registered student organizations. New organizations must meet with Center for Student Involvement separately to register their organization. RSVP is required to attend a workshop, RSVP on UIC Connection.

Organization registration renewals will not be opened, reviewed, or processed until AFTER all 3 officers and the advisor have completed the mandatory workshops and completion quiz. After these steps have been completed by all officers and advisor, please follow the directions below to register your organization.

  1. Review the Registration checklist to help you collect the information needed to submit.
  2. Attend Renewal Workshop

    RSVP is required for attendance. Please RSVP onto this link: UIC Connection RSVP
  3. Select one responsible incoming officer (preferably the incoming President) to submit the registration. Outgoing officers and faculty/staff advisors should NOT complete the registration. Registrations not submitted by an incoming officer will be denied.
  4. Log in to UIC Connection(http://connect.uic.edu) with your UIC credentials.
  5. Click "Browse Organizations"
  6. Locate your organization portal. If you are already an administrator for the profile page, skip to step 8.
  7. Click "Join Organization"
  8. Request to be made an "Administrator" on the page's portal. Most likely, the current President is the Administrator and can then make you an Administrator as well.
  9. Be sure you are on the "Profile" tab of the portal.
  10. On the bottom of the "Profile" tab, click "Manage Profile" to update your profile information.
  11. Follow the prompts and update all information fields.
  12. Add the new officer(s) with their contact information.
  13. Submit the update.

*NOTE: If your organization has been registered with Center for Student Involvement in past years, but did not complete registration for the 2016-17 academic year your organization will have to create a new organization portal in UIC CONNECTION.

Approved registrations will be valid through the end of May 2018. Keeping the organization's paperwork current is a requirement of the registration process. Without accurate information, SOR cannot provide students with information about the organization, maintain proper records, or mail important correspondence.

For questions please email Center for Student Involvement at , studentinvolvement@uic.edu

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