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Our mission is to build a foundation for holistic development through educational, social, leadership, and cultural programming for UIC students.
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Why go Greek?

Opportunities in leadership development
Achieve academic excellence
Philanthropy and Service
Lasting friendships

As leaders it is important to challenge the community to hold high ideals. We should lead by example and be selfless, confident, and value-based role models for our peers and our campus. It is our responsibility as leaders to promote unity within the Greek and Chicago communities.

Academic Excellence
Within Greek life, we aim to create an environment that respects, supports, and celebrates academic excellence by striving to achieve and maintain a higher GPA than the all-undergraduate average while upholding the academic integrity pledge.

Social Justice & Selfless Service
The opportunity to give is the most rewarding experience in the Greek community of UIC. We gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from working together to help others in the classroom, on campus and in the community. By striving to raise awareness of social issues throughout our community, we make selfless service a part of the way we live.

Within our Greek community, we share a set of common values and beliefs in which we have instilled a support system to hold each other accountable to the utmost standards, ideals, and a healthy lifestyle as college students and young men and women. Being a member of the Greek community creates a deeper bond of friendships and a sense of loyalty that provides an individual with a sense of family throughout one's lifetime.

High Social Standards
To uphold high social standards by creating a diverse and accepting community through respect, integrity, and accountability regardless of affiliation drives our unity as community and a campus.

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