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Center for Student Involvement East
340 Student Center East
750 South Halsted St.,
Chicago, IL 60607

east side address


east side address


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Our mission is to build a foundation for holistic development through educational, social, leadership, and cultural programming for UIC students.
-Center for Student Involvement

Values of Greek Life at UIC

We believe in students. We value their ideals, goals, aspirations, and challenges as they make meaning and find their voice within the college experience. We foster shared accountability and opportunities for recognition and distinction.

We believe in holistic development and personal leadership. We value the acquisition of knowledge and developing intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal skills to further individual growth. We encourage the potential in students to impact the world around them in transformative ways. We provide opportunities for learning through practical application within successful and challenging experiences.

We believe in a supportive and inclusive community. We provide a safe, welcoming, accessible, and compassionate environment that promotes the overall health and wellbeing of our students. We respect and appreciate the unique qualities, characteristics, and perspectives that comprise our campus and extended community. We engage in collaboration with campus, local, and national partners as well as constituent groups as an essential component of our work.

We believe in service and civic responsibility. We assist our students and organizations in developing meaningful opportunities for hands-on service and philanthropic endeavors. We help educate and empower students to become socially responsible, active, and contributing members of society both locally and globally.

We believe in pursuing professional excellence. We encourage integrity and ethical conduct of our staff and students. We challenge ourselves to life-long learning, moving beyond the status quo, and demonstrating innovation to adapt to changing conditions. We take enjoyment from what we do and strive to model that behavior for our students.

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